Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bladder Infection Help

Bladder infection help is definitely needed. When I was younger I used to get bladder infections all the time. The pain is very intense and I wouldn't wish a bladder infection on my worse enemy. Over time and countless antibiotics I haven't had one in quite some time (knock on wood) though it is great to know that if I do I now know I have a wonderful option to turn to. What is this wonderful new discovery? D-Mannose It is a naturally occuring sugar like glucose. Most bladder infections are caused by E.Coli. D-Mannose powder binds to the E.Coli and escorts it out of the body when you urinate. You can take D Mannose everyday to prevent an infection if you wish. If you feel an infection coming on double or triple the dose. Be sure and consult your doctor to see if this is a good route for you to take. From what I have read it is a safe option but I am no doctor so please always do your own research. D-Mannose is affordable and can be purchased online or at just about any store that carries related items. Some other useful tips to prevent a urinary tract infection are: Always urinate before you have intercourse and after to empty your bladder. Sometimes E.Coli is transferred during intercourse. Always wipe from front to back. E.Coli is found in fecal matter. Do not let fecal matter anywhere near your urinary tract. Drink lots of water and try not to drink soda as the caffeine in it can irritate the bladder. And if despite your best effort you feel the burning and urgency that comes with an infection if your doctor says it is okay then try D-Mannose and not antibiotics.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Get FREE Amazon Prime!! (Does require your time)

Hey there. You must be reading this because like me you love a good bargain? Who doesn't? My favorite way to save money is by buying things as low priced as possible all while still being great quality. I can't beat Amazon. They are extremely trust worthy! I have been a customer and somewhat of an employee for several years. I kept thinking I couldn't afford the 99 for Prime but I then I realize that is a small price to pay for all of Primes benefits. Prime is also a great gift to give or get yourself. If you have been working hard all year you deserve to treat yourself! So on to the free stuff. Remember how I said I am somewhat of an employee of Amazon!! It is so exciting to say that. I just love that they allow just about anyone to do so. They have a program called MTurk which stands for Mechanical Turk. Here they have HITS or human intelligence tasks which are short tasks you work on to earn $$. Anytime you want at your leisure. This is not a get rich quick scheme by any means. Many of the tasks pay very little but do some searches there are some great ones and if you worked on this site you could easily make 99 it may take you a month it may take you a year depending on how much time you have to work on tasks. So go ahead give that gift!! Let me know how you like MTurk in the comments.

Just some of the benefits of having a Prime Amazon are: FREE EBOOKS- They have a huge selection of books that you can read for absolutely free. Expand your mind today by reading a book that sounds interesting to you. FREE UNLIMITED PHOTO STORAGE- You heard right UNLIMITED on any device!! UNLIMITED MOVIES AND TV SHOWS- UNLIMITED MUSIC STREAMING- FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING- For many more reasons to join Prime read this It is not just free shipping! If you sign up through this post I will receive a small commision for referring you. Don't worry this doesn't raise you cost in any way. If you have a website and want to sign up for Amazon Affiliates. Another cool thing about Amazon is they have a gift finder where you can choose male or female and then their age range and it will show you gift ideas! I know I need the help coming up with ideas sometimes.