Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monday Already

Monday already????...I don't care much for Mondays or mean people!  Mean people just burst my happiness bubble and I don't like it. After two (if we are  lucky) days off we have to go back to work :( Talk about a vibe killer. Just thinking about work my blood pressure starts rising. I have worked with people in the past that are grown up bullies. Nice to you in your face and put you down behind your back. Now don't get me wrong I know to ignore them there will be people like that anywhere you work at or go to school or the gym or mall wherever with. "Those" kind of people will always exist.
Bad apples in the apple of life.It just sucks even worse when you have several of them in a group because they mob up against people they perceive to be weak. As if it will make them any better. It really bothered me though when I was younger and it would be older much older people doing it and I see why now. Not every matures. Sucks for those of us that have to deal with them. Just a couple of the reasons they are unpleasant is because they are Busy (yes with a CAPITAL B) because most people put off things till Monday!
And apparently do not realize that other people do as well and then complain when they have to wait on hold. I don't like you to have to wait either but for the best getting through advice I can give you is handle your business on days of the week other then Monday. Thursday perhaps? But nonetheless Mondays will not being going away anytime soon so we might as well learn to dance in the rain. I have always been an entrepreneur and I am working towards one day being able to work completely from home on a schedule I design. Then I will love Mondays as much as Saturdays. I dream about how nice that will be.
Monday Already
1. Have a good attitude.
2.Get as much sleep the night before if at all possible. This helps with the above step as well.
3. If you can afford it get yourself a treat such as a coffee or breakfast on the way to cheer you up.
4. Ignore what's going on around you and focus on what you are their to do. Do the best job that you can.

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