Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kia K900

Kia K900
So I saw the commercial for this car this morning and it spoke to me. Challenge the luxury you know. Well Kia I am up to that challange! But I haven't rid in that many luxury cars but I have rode in quite a few non luxury cars so I could be a good judger. I went to their website to check them out. 
So how much are they? Well I have decided to leave that till the end and first let's go over just some of it's features:
1. 17 speaker surround sound
2. Available blind spot detection
3. Panoramic tilt sliding sunroof
4. LED lights
5. Locking fuel door
6. 19 inch Alloy wheels Chrome finish
7. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
8. Heated front seats
9. Heated steering will
10. Optional surround view mirrors
Comparable to Lexus, BMW, Audi
Starting at around 60,000 add on VIP Package + 6,000
I certainly will not object if someone wants to buy me one ;)
Start building yours now
Kia makes other great cars as well. Have you seen there Forte? The blue colors are nice. I never looked into these vehicles before and wish I had because I would of started saving for one a long time ago. I love the safety features and stylish looks these cars have and they have several different options to choose from.
The names of some of their other vehicles are the
Cadenza, Rio, Optima, Soul, Sedona, Sorento and the Sportage.
You have probably seen some of their commercials before like seen the one for the Kia Soul with dancing hamsters.
I would proudly drive any of these. My favorite part about Kia's is that they are very well made and they are affordable versions of other nice cars so more people can afford to buy one.
This makes me want to own one all the more because I support companies like that. There is likely a Kia dealership in your area. You should go take a test drive if you are in the market for a new vehicle. 
If buying a car isn't in your near future be sure and keep these beauties in mind for when you do. Driving a safe dependable car can sure contribute to peace of mind you just don't want to buy something you can't afford because that will cause stress. 

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