Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fake People

Fake people. Can we ration with each other? Most people are somewhat intelligent (especially if you are reading this) and we can see right through your fakeness. We see you being all sweet to people above you and treating those you feel are beneath you like dirt. Oh your nice to us sometimes like when the people that are higher up then you think you are nice to us. And everyone. But fake people only worry about their appearance and how much money they are making for themselves and the company. None of them care about you because your just there to do their work.
And guess who gets all the glory? Oh but mess up. Actually do something wrong so that they look bad then your in for it. They know there's a ton of other people that need a job so your dispensable to them. And that is not right but think about what it took to train you. That takes time. And sadly they end up losing great employees over it. And it does bug them they will have to retrain a new person their immature brain is happy that they won. Won what? Whatever you believe in there is a higher power I believe and score IS being taken. Not by man so punishment will be severe and the best part JUST so why fake it. Being positive will work out so much better for you in the long run because you also have to worry about karma. What goes around truly does come around. It may take an hour it may take 5 years or more but trust and believe you will get yours. It would be nice if people who have the fake gene not be allowed to breed so that the mature responsible adults of the world could thrive.
There would most likely be world wide peace. Imagine that. I think fakeness is an evil trait. I have seen it hurt to many people and I am frustrated that it is still so rampant and that people have no backbone to stand up for others. Albert Einstein was so brilliant he saw the trait way back when. But people are people. Be wary about who you trust and who you let in your circle. Some may not be fake people simply if they have a mean girl or other type friend that is popular they may want to imitate them in hopes of being popular themselves. So it may just be a phase. I have talked to tens of thousands of people throughout my many years working in different industries of customer service. I have talked to super rich people at my days with American Express down to super poor. I grew up in a melting pot environment where from a young age my friends were of all races and I was taught about all races. I did have southern relatives who did not have this same experience as me and so there opinions were different but luckily for me growing up like that I never knew prejudice to me we are all human beings. I felt at home being with all people of a different race. That was my normal and I grew up open minded and a free spirit. I also have extremely high morals and ethics. I don't believe in lying cheating or stealing. I am a dream employee. Fake people can't stand me. I do my work work with little no supervision and whatever I am doing I try my best to do it exactly as you tell me. And I have done this for years.
I am naturally happy and it seems that some people can't stand people that are naturally happy and they try and try and try to squash it and that's okay because I have found God and he led me to my dream job. Working for myself! And soon I will be able to hire others to help me and I will be able to afford it thereby helping them help me. Good karma. From now on I want to live the rest of my life helping people. That is what I am good at. I can't do it for free because I to have to survive but I am fair. If you are interested in a life coach let me know. I feel I am ready for that part of my life to flourish. I am a discrete private person and if you would like to meet with me or one of my team send an email please. We can communicate through email and then I will talk further about pricing for our life coach services. We have many writers on this site.
My goal is for good to persevere over evil. If your mostly good and have just a touch of evil for funniness you are alright by us. Fake people will no longer be tolerated. Give yourself permission for positive and your life will start improving. And if you are currently dealing with a member of the fake committee please try your best to ignore them. You can overcome this. Smile. We have to many problems in the world to have to worry about miner differences with each other fake people. We should never be each other and by each other I mean mankind's enemy. 

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